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the libertine



June 28th, 2004

oh yeah...

the libertine
Saturday I met with some athiests from infidels at a pizza place. It was great to meet new people whom I have at least one thing in common with. Well, my friend Jennifer was there. I'v know her since highschool. If she didn't go, then I probably wouldn't have gone. I am way to shy...

anyways, i can't wait for next year!
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the libertine
Well, I am feeling a little guilty about my grudge toward my el español profesor. He was really lenient with my exam grade. Even though I wrote him a note on the test that said: "Please give us time to read the directions!" Well, he didn't. Once he handed us the exams, he said "section A" and started speaking Spanish (he wasn't reading the directions in Spanish either, I thought he was at first) by the time I realized how I was suppose to be fill out the family tree, he was done. It was the same with the other sections. Oh well, I got a 27.5 out of 50. Which isn't good...but its better then what I should have got. I did better then the boys in my group and they know more then I do.
I have four more days of this class and I am done. I think I could pull off a C !>

Well, I have a bad sunburn :< I mowed the lawn yesterday and it takes about 3 hours to get it done. I took a break and used sunscreen but it just made my burn uneven.... i hate the summer!

June 24th, 2004

shitty week so far...

the libertine
let's see my teeth still hurt like hell. i can't eat a damn thing but i still gain weight! my foot (and leg now) is really sore :<

this morning a car rear-ended me. they are putting new black top on the roads so there were flagers out holding up stop signs so naturally i stopped. i was daydreaming and eating a piece of bread when i felt a big jolt. that threw me tumbling and shaking into reality. i hate that. i hate being dragged in to reality like that. it scares the hell out of me. i got out of the car and looked at my bumper. there wasn't any real damage, just some paint chipped and my license plate was bent a little. her car wasn't damage either. the girl was really scared. she said it was her moms car. well i only had time to give her my number when the flager switch signs. i told her that it was okay since nothing was damage. i guess i could have told her to pull over somewhere but i was in a big hurry to get to my class. its kind of sad when your life depends on 25 points and a fucking quiz.

spanish class sucked as usual. everyone seems to be better at it then me. i still can't understand any of the words spoken. i don't have all the tenses memorized and i don't know when to use them. i can't make sentences correctly. i just don't know how to start one. we had to write a fucking biography that consisted of three parts: 5 things from the past, 5 things from the present and 5 things in the future. i only had 2 sentences per part. this is what i wrote:
"Yo nacida en louisville, ky."
"Yo nacida en anos mil novecentos ochoenta y uno."
"Asisto universadad louiville."
"Trabaje en la biblioteca."
"Voy a trabajar en la hosptial."
"Voy a universadad más educacion."
( i know there are some spelling errors. i am taking this from memory.) well, as you can see i suck at spanish. but everyone else wrote these long bios with lots of complex sentences. was i the only one born that doesn't know spanish! i feel really fucking retarded when i am in that class. it depresses the hell out of me.

so now i am at work. i am going through all the labels i made on the cds to make sure i got them all. i realized that i put the labels on the wrong side on a shelf full! so i have to move the labels over. i'm glad i can just peel them off and stick them back on.

when i get home tonight i have to clean and organize. this is something i have to do everyday when i get home or else i go crazy. my boyfriend is going on a business trip to tennessee today so he won't be back until tomorrow night. he builds these computers for a stock company. well, at this one branch of the company, a stockbroker hooked up his computer and ended up hitting his head on the desk, busting it pretty bad. well, this guy complained so none of the branches can hook up their own computers now, my boyfriend has to do it. i just thought that was a kind of funny and pathetic story.

i usually don't write in all lower case. it annoys me and today i feel like annoying myself for some reason.

June 22nd, 2004

hurt: teeth & foot

the libertine
Yesterday I had separators put in as the first process of getting my braces. They had a hard time putting them in because my teeth are close together. They put in a few rubber ones and two metal ones. One of my teeth that have the metal separator between it hurts like hell. I can not eat anything solid...
Well, after my orthodontist visit, I fell down the stairs (not paying attention as usual) so I twisted my ankle...brilliant!

Even though I could hardly walk on my foot this morning I had to go to my Spanish class because getting the 25 activity points is the only thing keeping me from failing. Well, my boyfriend would not drive me to school so, I had to. I had to park far away as usual and limp 2 blocks to my class (it took me 20 min). My (bf) is just an asshole. He didn't have anything important to do today (I would understand that) all he had to do was go to work to play solitaire. He could have drop me off at school (and he would have been on time to work for once) and then pick me up during his lunch break (he gets 1 hour and 30 min) and take me to work, which just across campus (he would have had plenty of time to eat) and then take me home at 5 (well, we are going to the same place since we live together...).
I guess he is just a lazy git.

I managed to hop to my car and then dive to the other parking lot and then hop to work. I am going to leave a 3 though. I forgot Ibuprofen!

June 17th, 2004

This month has been stressful. I am very close to graduating (next spring) but I need a foreign language :< I’ve never had one before. It was not considered important when I was in elementary, middle school and high school. It is considered important now. I am taking an Intensive Spanish class this month. It ends July 2nd. So far, I am behind.
I put this requirement off thinking I could handle it later on... blah ... like I did with my speech class. I got a D in that class because I hate talking!!! I had no problem writing the speeches but giving them was hell for me. And the teacher was not lenient at all.
This is a similar problem I am having with my Spanish class. Most of activates that we do in class are to listen to him speak in Spanish and then respond in Spanish... Not only can I not understand him but I don't feel comfortable talking in front of people in a language I don't understand! The teacher will not translate anything he says or writes or repeat anything! His says that it is departmental rules. Who came up with that fucking shit?! How am I suppose to learn Spanish if he doesn't tell me what he saying in English? Sure I might pick it up after a daily routine of it but that takes longer. I know why. It would be too easy to translate sentences, go over vocabulary list (working on pronunciation) and teaching grammar. You see, things in life have to be difficult. People want to make everyone else suffer. So, they make up a lesson plan where they have the teacher come in and start speaking Spanish (completely ignores you in English) forcing you to rummage through a Spanish - English dictionary tiring to figure out what he is saying and try to respond correctly. Then after the first day (without going over the alphabet or vocabulary words) tells you to write sentences and questions to present to the class. And after a week you are required to write essays. I may not be a teacher but this is ridicules.

Well, looks like I ended up ranting. I am at work and bored of printing out labels (pathetic college student job). Well, I just had a cookie :< I feel bad about that but I needed the sugar boost (I’ll fill like shit again in a few minutes). I guess I try memorizing my verb tables….blah

June 9th, 2004

(no subject)

the libertine
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May 26th, 2004

spark test....

the libertine

something niffty......

the libertine
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May 16th, 2004

nothing much...

the libertine
Well, I am home alone again tonight. My boyfriend Damien when to a ham radio convention in Dayton. I did'nt go this year because I get bored... Oh well, he got lost on his way home so he decided to stay another night at his mom's.
This about the 5th night I have been by myself in the year and half that we have lived here. I have lived in apartment buildings for 20 years of my life and I am not use to staying in a house alone. I get kinda of scared. We have a security system so that makes me fill a little better but... I can't get to sleep :<

Anyways, I decided to subscribe to
infidelguy website. I have downloaded the free radio samples at work and I really liked them.

Well, I a feeling much better this weekend (besides the anxiousness) then the last. My eye hurt really bad until about yesterday. I went to the eye doctor Wednesday and he said the right cornea was raw. So I had to really expensive eye drops.

Well, this summer I'll be getting braces (and going broke at the same time.) I am also taking intensive Spanish class that will start in June until July. It will be from 8am - 11:20am :<

Well, I can't think of anything else to write about and waste time.

May 5th, 2004

it's been a while.....

the libertine
Since I posted. Right now I am at work. Another student in the office is playing some music. Its starting to get annoying because it sounds like the same shit over and over. Well, I've been busy with finals. I have one final in Perception on Friday. I should do well enough to get a C in the class. I did really terrible this semester. I had this stupid speech class that took up too much of my time. I also had a stupid teacher for social psychology. He tested on his opinion and he love to be tricky with the test...(fucking teachers). I also need to go to bed early because I am one of those people that need like 12 hours of sleep...errr.

Oh well, I found this on
it's funny :>

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